Saturday, August 30, 2014
PS4 Cross-Game Chat Supports Up To 8 Players

PS4 Cross-Game Chat Supports Up To 8 Players

PS3 couldn’t handle cross-game chat because of poor allocation of RAM on Sony’s part, but Sony do not intend to make the same mistake twice, and has given us the “overkill” when it comes to cross-game chat on PS4.

The details were made known by Sid Shuman, the manager of Social Media at Sony Computer Entertainment, who confirmed the news in a recent Killzone: Shadow Fall Q&A session on the US PS Blog.

When asked about cross-game chat on PS4 and how many players the feature would be able to support concurrently, Shuman said:

Party Voice Chat will support up to 8 players on PS4, like PS Vita.

So not only will PS4 get cross-game chat, it will support up to 8 gamers having a conversation at the same time — doesn’t matter what game they’re playing. It’s a feature Xbox has had since 360, and it’s obviously coming with more features to Xbox One, but it’s great to see Sony matching the feature which first debuted on Microsoft’s console.

Competition breeds excellence.


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