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Weekend Quencher 06/15/13 – Gamesthirst’s Best Week And E3 Recap, Edition

Weekend Quencher 06/15/13 – Gamesthirst’s Best Week And E3 Recap, Edition

The Week of E3 2013, starting from Sunday June 9th – through June 15th, 100,000 gamers visited Gamesthirst and viewed 172,021 pages, that’s our best week yet, and I feel like drinking some champagne – anybody wanna join? It was also the best E3 I’ve experienced, with two new consoles being unveiled and even more games! It’s the weekend, friends, Let’s talk E3 2013.

First off I hope you guys were pleased with the coverage, and judging by the amount of visits the site received in one week, I think we did an alright job.  My fingers are drunk from typing, folks, fully spent.

But let’s talk about the show. First off, Microsoft:

I feel Microsoft did well by games. They promised that their E3 show would be all about games and they delivered. The problem was Microsoft’s draconian DRM policies still dominated the mood at E3, and with the software giant failing to even mention the issue at its presser, people were left unsatisfied.

But the games were awesome – though most were multiplatform titles. What was exclusive, however, did light up the show, including Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall, and Killer Instinct. Ryse: Son of Rome was also on display, and we got a glimpse at what Black Tusk has been working on.

Overall, though, the show was good.

Now let’s talk Sony:

Sony started its press conference slow, and for a while there I thought the thing was going to slip downhill. But after talking about Vita and PS3, and how said consoles are very much alive (we agree), Sony then let loose a barrage of PS4 exclusive and multiplatform titles, igniting the rather quiet room with some action.

The Order: 1886, a Ready at Dawn PS4 exclusive, David Cage’s tech demo The Dark Sorcerer was awesome, we had glimpses of Killzone: Shadow Fall and inFamous, a slew of independent games with Sony making a big deal of its new-found love for the independent community, even allowing them to self-publish their games on PSN and, with great exuberance, PlayStation 4 was unveiled.

All the aforementioned, however, would not be enough to impress gamers, Sony needed something more and Jack Tretton delivered them in epic fashion leading Sony straight to victory.

No used games blocking, no always-online requirement, no restricting DRM for PS4. The crowed erupted into massive cheers while Jack Tretton basked in it all. Then with even greater precision, Sony released this video:

E3 2013 was over, and Sony had just slammed Microsoft to the grounded gladiator-style. We’re still feeling the repercussions of the event today, and gamers are showing their approval of Sony’s victory and disapproval of Microsoft’s DRM with their dollars, with PS4 sales outpacing Xbox One’s 2-1.

Nintendo was at E3, but it really wasn’t. Some great games were shown of course, but Nintendo toned back its E3 showing so drastically that it was hard to even pay attention to the legendary games company’s efforts. Here’s to hoping they bring it next time.

E3 2014′s date has already been set for Tuesday, June 10th, 2014 through Thursday, June 12th, but 2013 will be one for the ages. It will be remembered for generations to come as the year a massive corporation, against normal practices, stood up for the consumers.

Share your thoughts and let me know how you feel. Have a blessed weekend, friends. What an awesome week it has been!

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  • Benzo

    I was pleased with both MS and Sony. They both had good showings. MS had games galore and Sony answered the questions everyone had.

    BUT….I was taken back by the PS+ MP requirement for PS4. Caught me way way off guard. Would have liked to see more unannounced exclusives that arent from indies. Also a firm release month would have also been nice.

    MS did what they needed in my opinion. However it did not change me to a day one MS purchase.
    After all the gloom leading up to E3…it was nice to be wrong for being worried lol!
    For me now….THE LAST OF US!!!!

    Awesome coverage EG and GT!!!! Thirst quenched my friend!

  • ernicegilbert

    Thanks Benzo! Yeah it was a big week for us! E3 2013 has been awesome. I’ve already preordered my PS4. Killzone Bundle! My wallet is READY!

  • Benzo

    I preordered mine as well,along with KZ:SF and AC4:Black Flag. My wallet is…getting ready lol

  • ernicegilbert

    It’s gonna be some fun times later this year!

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