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Rumor: GameStop Ordering Employees To Highlight PS4 Instead Of Xbox One

Rumor: GameStop Ordering Employees To Highlight PS4 Instead Of Xbox One

If Xbox One were to become a successful games console, the most popular videogames retailer in the business, GameStop, would lose half of the sales its accustomed to, and would be in danger of eventually shutting its doors. If the PS4 becomes successful – even more than the PS3 has been in the U.S., then it’d be business as usual for GameStop. So it comes as no surprise that GameStops around the United States are encouraging people to preorder PS4 instead of Xbox One, and painting Microsoft’s next machine as unfriendly and unusable.

This rumor comes to us courtesy NeoGAF, after a member of the forum noticed something odd at his local GameStop. First, they were showing positive E3 videos about PS4 on loop, and dressed the store with PlayStation media. But that’s not all, employees were making consumers aware of Xbox One’s DRM policies and went on to desuade them from preordering Microsoft’s new console.

In fact, GameStop UK even posted the PS4 video detailing how games are shared on the console, giving hints of the firm’s attitude moving forward.



Employees at some GameStops actually had handouts explaining the Xbox One rules, and others said they wouldn’t do any of this if it wasn’t ordered by the executives of the company.

Here are a few quotes from those who experienced the Xbox One backlash at their local GameStops, all NeoGAF users:


I went to gamestop after ms conference and guy working there was wondering about it and I told him the price and he literally yelled “WHAT” like 5 times with a store packed full of people. He’s like are they are stupid.


Its the same with the local game stores over here in Singapore too. Not only the xbone launching late issue but everything it can’t do. it simple really, they told me they don’t want parents to complain this and that when they realized things cannot work as before. The price is not helping either. Also our local Xbox Facebook page have not been updated since before E3 so no answers can be get from them too.


Was at a gamestop to pick up a $20 PS card and the employee and some customers were thrashing the XBox. The customer was the one who raised the topic, but the employee had plenty to say about it as well.


Yup two Gamestops I went to the workers said “Don’t get the Xbox One”. I already know that thank you but that kind of awareness of forthright attitude from workers at a Gamestop is pretty shocking.

Here’s my favorite, from GoofsterStud:

Took my kids to Gamestop to spend there allowance.

My kid loves asking questions. He saw the video of how to share games there. I loved his response. Well dah, of course that’s how we share games. Were not stupid.

I was kind of embarrassed but the nice rep said you can’t do that on Xbox One. That’s why it’s a big deal. He then looked at me and said dad, I want an PS4 for Christmas.

I just laughed as they are on pre-order already.

So is this company wide? Certainly seems that way, but we’ll not know for sure until more people start experiencing the same thing. Have you experienced this attitude at your local GameStop? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Excoy

    NICE !!!!!! :)

  • Mando44646

    its smart business for Gamestop. Im really not that surprised

  • Jesus C

    the xboxdone is actually so bad that people from gamestop saying that the xbox does this and the ps4 doesnt would make it look like theyre favoring the ps4 ….but actually thats just how it is…. lol they cant be like oh the xbox does this and the ps4 doesnt but the xbox is better… GET THAT? lol

  • GameStopAnon

    As a Gamestop manager, I can say that we are certainly not instructed to tout one console over the other. In fact, we’re supposed to remain neutral and talk “selling points” of both consoles, because it’s the customer’s decision – not ours. It’s their money they are spending. What these people are hearing are the natural reaction to the Xbox One – employee opinion, which is fine, but it’s nothing more than that. Microsoft has reached out to Gamestop to work out a way to trade in Xbox One games. I don’t know any more details than that, but Gamestop won’t be losing the Microsoft used game business any time soon.

  • KRSMK2

    Imagine if customers get back to the store , yelling and cursing because Gamestop didn’t warned them that Xbone won’t play games at some circumstances . Don’t blame them , blame who designed such stupid “gaming” system .

  • Jkakers

    I went to GameStop today and practically got into a fight when I told the employee I didnt want a ps4. I will from this day forward download my games or get them somewhere else.

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  • bumhumper

    “Employees at some GameStops actually had handouts explaining the Xbox One rules”

    That wasn’t to deter people from it, it was marketing for microsoft. so quite the opposite. it’s just that most of those features were fucking nuts. Guy below me is right, we’re not supposed to try to convince you one way or another, but when you ask for my opinion I’m gonna be honest with you and not just regurgitate some market speak. I had plenty of regular, civilized discussions with customers where we both expressed our opinions about the drm and whatnot. It was just a few rare customers that would come in with their mind totally made up that “only xbox, all the time” and it honestly would sound like they knew nothing about the system. In that case the best I could do was quietly nod.

    Why people would argue over it makes no sense. Why the fuck would I care? A pre-order’s a pre-order.

  • xxtray90xx

    Yeah same thing when I went to preorder my xbox one like he sort of trashed it and I was like damn dude that’s really un called for I didn’t talk trash about the ps4 not changing anything aboit gaming except its hardware

  • M$ $ony

    I have had the same experience! I was being swayed towards the PS4 by the people working at GAMESTOP. I told them to cut the crap and I spoke with the manager about how they were addressing the Xbox One. When I first entered the store I had asked them for information on pre-ordering the Xbox One. The man at the desk said, “We don’t have any Xbox One pre-orders ATM, because our manager is still working on securing more pre-orders since we only had 20. BUT the more popular PS4 which has no restrictions on anything and is by far the most powerful console and outperforms the Xbox One in every area and is very user friendly unlike the Xbox One. We have PLENTY of pre-orders for it. We actually have 60 already for the PS4 and only 20 for the Xbox One, but I can put you on the list for the Xbox One… Or I can ring you up for the PS4″. And when I asked him again about the Xbox One he told me a little bit about it and then told me about the bad press conference and THEN went on to tell me more about the PS4 and how you can trade in used games without any restrictions… I then proceeded to get in an argument with the young gentlemen working at the counter over the Xbox One and PS4. I never wanted to argue, but the manner in which he was relaying the information to me made me rather angry and upset. I then demanded to see the manager who was in the back room and he came out to talk to me. There had been a line of people that accumulated behind me and was listening to how this young man was talking to me. I told the manager what the young man said and I asked him why, when I asked about the Xbox One, was I getting information about the PS4 when I specifically asked for information about the Xbox One. The manager then proceeded to tell me that they had no pre-orders available for the Xbox One, but had pre-orders for the PS4. I then asked the manager again… Why I was getting so much information about a console I never asked to get information for and he had no answer for me. He then apologized and told gave me information about the Xbox One. I then asked if I could pre-order one and he said he would personally make sure that I would be able to pre-order the Xbox One right now. I still cannot believe what I had to go through It still pisses me off unbelievable and I do intend to tell someone about it. I am ABSOLUTELY furious about how the Xbox One was presented to me and how the PS4 was literally being shoved down my throat. I do not like pushy people who push me towards an item I never asked for…

  • sasan

    ..uh..Does what?… no, dont follow hypothetical gibberish.

  • Jesus C

    yeah i came back and read that and it is gibberish lol xbox180 is still crap

  • Jesus C

    well the ps4 is better lol

  • M$ $ony

    That’s a matter of opinion and I think you will be surprised once everything is said and done.

  • Brandy Franklin

    My gamestop wasn’t like that, we explained both consoles, and Xbox changed their DRM so now you can share games