Wednesday, August 28, 2013
GameStop store managers get free PS4 with 7 games

GameStop store managers get free PS4 with 7 games

Let the jealousy flow through you, Luke! At the 2013 GameStop EXPO, we learned that an Azurite Blue PS3 would be coming to North America. But, we also learned that every GameStop store manager will be getting a free Playstation 4, alongside seven launch games.

Battlefield 4, Killzone: Shadow Fall, NBA 2K14, Madden NFL 25, FIFA 14, Need for Speed: Rivals, and Beyond: Two Souls. Yes, Beyond: Two Souls is a Playstation 3 exclusive. Might this point at something like digital backwards compatibility on launch? Or a Playstation 4 version, which is unlikely? Or is it just a typo? These games will be a mix of physical and digital releases.

Now, GameStop will surely have true first-hand knowledge to inform their customers with, when November comes. Are you a GameStop manager? If so, where do you live so I can come over? I’ll bring beers.

Thanks, Joystiq!

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