Thursday, September 4, 2014
Play PS4 Games On Your PS Vita With Remote Play

Play PS4 Games On Your PS Vita With Remote Play

Now, good reason to go out and purchase a PS Vita.

Gaikai boss Dave Perry took the stage to announce a slew of new “social” features for the PS4, including Ustream/Facebook support, streaming capabilities, and “remote play,” a feature which allows you to play PS4 games on your Vita.

“Our vision is to create the first gaming social network with meaning,” he said.

Perry said the long-term goal is to make “every PS4 game” playable on the PlayStation Vita.

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  • linglingjr

    “The only reason to buy a Vita”

  • nick

    if the reason your buying a device is so you can play other devices games on it, just goes to show the extreme extent of lack of titles!
    eh is my reaction to this, i doubt ill ever use it so……..
    IF i was able to magically stream the game through the interwebs from my PS4 at home, to my vita 10s or 100s of KMs away, then WOW!
    otherwise, if i have to be close to the system, even within the same house, its a meh.