Friday, August 29, 2014
LBP Vita review on its way (and more)!

LBP Vita review on its way (and more)!

Hey there fellow chaps! You noticed my posts are few and somehow far in between. This is mostly because I’ve been messed with by Sony for the past 3 days. My second PS3 gave me the YLOD, and I was infuriated with the situation, because the only way they saw was to give me another refurbished one. But, I just opened it, fixed it, and now it works like a charm.

In the meanwhile, without my PS3, I invested my time on my LittleBigPlanet Vita copy, which I got days earlier than its official release date. That said, only one thing is holding me back from posting my review; the servers won’t be working properly until the 25th, and so far, I’ve had no luck on finding anyone to play with, checking out what costumes are available for cross-buy, etc. But, for the single-player portion only, I can say I’m very, very satisfied. There’s a ton of side-games, the graphics are top-notch, the charm is there, the game is truly polished; it really is the definitive LBP game, and with the cross-buy options, it is a great deal. Throw in online features (levels and such), and you instantly get much more than your money’s worth – as if you hadn’t already.

Plus,  I picked up my Borderlands 2 Deluxe Vault Hunter’s Edition (the Loot Chest was cancelled on the last day for Greece, I was lucky to find this), so you can expect a Borderlands 2 review in the next week as well. I can see me not sleeping for a day, just to play the game for 24 hours straight and post the review, I’m THAT excited about Zer0.

I will pick up the pace again, and post more news and generally items, starting from today. Crash out!

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  • TheGrimOfDeath

    You opened it and fixed it. My dear good sir, HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!? You must work for Sony! How did you fix it!

    Also I’m going to get a 50$ PSN card in the next month to buy LBP Vita and get some small games! Could any one recommend what small game I should get? Has to be less than 15$ since LBP Vita is 35$ and the network pass is free.

  • Christos Chatzisavvas

    Get Sound Shapes, I’d say. It’s 12.99$, you’ll also get some avatars with the change :P
    Also, I don’t know if you’re sarcastic or not :P In case you’re not, it’s pretty easy, and all over Google. It’s just that Sony’s amazing (now I’M sarcastic) quality solders dry and melt after some time, and the system can’t start because it instantly gets heated. The reason they dry and melt is because of the heatpipes inside the PS3. When it gets too heated, they cool it down in seconds, and that abrupt change in temperature breaks them. What I did? Heatgun, an Arctic Silver 5, all for less than 15€, and I’m all set again. Just now I will do this every few months, and have a big fan stuck onto it. Another solution might be to remove the power feeder from inside the console, and place it outside of it. That’s the only part that gets too heated, and I assume that affects how the PS3′s temperature changes.

  • Mezzo

    Awesome, looking forward to your reviews. Specially Borderlands 2 review, i am really on the Fence on this 1.
    Didn’t enjoyed the first 1 at all, found it extremely boring. —– Maybe because i’m not into Co-Op at all.

  • TheGrimOfDeath

    Sound shapes is actually 16.99$, over here it’s that price and it’s 13.59$ for PS users. :C Any more ideas?

    Also yeah I was just being sarcastic. XD


    Also shout-out to you Christos, I once said that what was so special about PlayStation All-Stars. I just watched game-play and some trailers again. Now I’m actually impressed about the game. And since there is cross-buy I’m more impressed about the game now. I might even want it since I can play on the go! And the mass-ups of the back grounds were awesome! I mean Uncharted and Bioshock Infinite mash-up was awesome! :3

  • TheGrimOfDeath

    Also who like the idea of Ape Escape on the Vita? What about a resident evil game and a BattleField Game?

  • Christos Chatzisavvas

    Resident Evil Portable is a title lost somewhere along the way to the PSP. I’d love to see that on the Vita instead! Regarding PSABR, Cross-Buy is very sweet! I was going to buy it on both platforms, but that Cross-Buy thing saved me 40$! :D

    @Mezzo, Borderlands 2 seems more diverse and lively than the first one. I’m sure this will be a more enjoyable experience; so keep an eye out for the review ;)

  • TheGrimOfDeath


  • narwall14

    i got borderlands the first day it came out (torrent) me and my little brother play co-op all the time very fun game in co-op not so fun when you by your self though :(