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Weekend Quencher 09/21/12 – Ask Questions To PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale Developer

Weekend Quencher 09/21/12 – Ask Questions To PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale Developer

TGS has wind down with the week, folks, as Friday is upon us ushering in another weekend, a brilliant one for all of your, I hope and leaving in its wake an armada of new content. But now that the news has slowed to a crawl, we’re giving you the opportunity to ask some questions to the man behind PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, Omar Kendall.

How’s that for a weekend treat?

Just like you did in the first thread where some of you posted questions you’d like Ed Boon, Mortal Kombat’s creator to answer, we urge you to do the same here for the man behind Sony’s Smash Bros.-esque title, PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, featuring some of PlayStation’s most standout characters and other notable protagonists and antagonists from gaming.

Games Thirst very own Nick will be at Australia’s premier gaming event, the EB Games Expo, where he’ll be interviewing at least four game developers, Assassin’s Creed 3 Associate Producer Julien Laferriere, Sega and Gearbox community managers and more.

The event happens from October 5th and runs through the 7th.

Don’t forget to tell us what you’re up to this weekend, and have a great one!

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  • nick

    wheres crash and spyro will be my first.
    if not for launch, at least as DLC later on.
    ive got a wedding to go to tomorrow which is going to be really interesting because i gotta start work at 2 in the morning on monday.
    hmmm, out by 9 probably wont be home till 9 than i gotta get up at 2.
    might take a video camera with me to work on monday, take some footage see if i can get in zombie u.
    just started playing borderlands 2 last night but am a little disappointed with it.
    i dunno, i freaking love fallout 3 and this is so similar so i should love it!
    but i dont, i dunno i find it so boring!
    really wanted to get into this, but i cant.