Monday, September 1, 2014
PS3 Slim Announcement At Tokyo Game Show?

PS3 Slim Announcement At Tokyo Game Show?

So there’s been this PS3 Slimmer rumor circulating gaming’s web for quite a bit now, but nothing’s manifested… at least not yet, because according to a new rumor, Sony will unveil its latest PS3 slim model at the Tokyo Game Show in two weeks.

That’s according to European site citing a NeoGAF user, claiming that the new PS3 model will be available in a few weeks time. The new console will apparently come ready with with a 500GB hard drive and a bundle with FIFA 13 will be available as well.

It’s all rumor water, though, so drink sparingly.

The Tokyo Game Show happens from September 21st and runs through the 23rd of the same month.

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  • TheGrimOfDeath

    New PS3, I want a new Vita design. Longer battery life, better camera, larger buttons, clickable analog sticks.

  • benzo

    So long as the new super slim is accompanied by a price cut, I’m cool.

  • nick

    500GB, really!?
    come on $ony thats FAR too low!
    especially since 750GB HDDs can be found for under 100 bucks these days!
    i just bought a 3TB external HDD from myer yesterday for 120 bucks!
    and thats myer there normally THE most expensive place to buy hardware from!

    anything less than 750GB would be a insult.
    whatever they do though i hope they include a model for a SSD, and another without a bluray drive.
    allot of people out there would download their games if the ps3 they used was cheaper to buy because of it, and the games were cheaper so $ony really should take advantage of that!
    not to mention the bluray drive is one of the most expensive parts, and also one of the least reliable so removing it would solve a MASSIVE headache!
    im on the fence over the looks though, i like the curvier face but the ripple top looks cheap!
    they really need to bring back the piano black finish and chrome tray back from the original, bring back some of that classy high quality look and feel!
    $ony are suppose to be premium products, exactly the problem because this gen they have been the exact opposite!
    and thats why the company is bleeding money and is at a all time low!

    other rumors though are saying that this will be the 4K model ps3 so it will work with their new 4K TVs.
    have to ask whats the point though considering most ps3 games cant do 720P, let alone 1080I, let alone 1080P, let alone anything higher!
    talk about hiring a crane to lift a leaf…….
    if there going to use it for movies and some new games ok, but does the manufacturing cost really warrant it?
    $ony are not exactly in a position where they can afford to place money into hats there never going to get back!