Sunday, January 25, 2015
Final Fantasy Versus 13 To Be Shown At TGS

Final Fantasy Versus 13 To Be Shown At TGS

PSXextreme is rumoring that Square-Enix is preparing itself to show beleaguered RPG title Final Fantasy Versus 13 at the Tokyo Game Show in September.

The site says a tipster, one who attended E3 and claimed to have heard the news “in passing” on the E3 showroom floor, adding that said news was uttered by a top SE executive. The same tipster claimed to have overheard the date of TGS as September 20th – 23rd.

If true, all I’ll say is it’s about time.

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  • nick

    and valve will announce and release HL3, $ony will release the last guardian, and M$ will announce their pulling out of the console race!
    IE its never going to happen!
    sorry folks but will see the zombie apocalypse LONG before FFVXIII gets a release date!