Thursday, September 4, 2014
Bethesda: Next-Gen Development Risky, Consoles Are Constantly Changing

Bethesda: Next-Gen Development Risky, Consoles Are Constantly Changing

Bethesda’s PR and marketing VP Pete Hines has revealed in an interview with the latest issue of MCV that while its always exciting when new consoles are released, it’s also a time of great risk. He also thinks it divides audiences.

That’s because console makers must give developers dev kits about two years prior to launch and during that time changes are constantly being made, and also because when new systems are released, some jump aboard and others stick with their “old” mchaines, essentially dividing the base.

Said Hines:

For me the problems with new consoles are two-fold. The developers are trying to hit a moving technical target, because the platforms are being built. A new console doesn’t just show up a year before launch and is exactly what it will be when it comes out.

It moves and iterates along the way. And introducing something like that to games that are in development is always a bit tricky. And that is obviously an element of risk.

The second point is that your install base always starts at zero. Then it comes out and suddenly a certain number of people buy it but it won’t be the same number as the current gen. So you have divided your audience.

It’s then a case of: Are we just making it for the next gen? Or next gen and current gen? And how many people from the current gen that I’m targeting have moved over to the next gen? It does complicate things a little bit.

Obviously the changes they are going to make technologically, in terms of the things we will be able to do, are exciting. But it comes at a price.

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  • Ghost250

    all i gottta say is don’t screw up on fallout 4 like the way you did with the elder scrolls. fallout is one of my favorite franchises and i’d hate to go through what PS3 elder scroll player are going through

  • benzo

    Peter Hines should stop….just stop talking. No s**t the next gen is tricky,they still havent figured out how to make a game that runs well on a system that has been out for what…6 years!!!!

  • nick

    like everything theres its ups and downs, but like most the pros outweigh the cons.
    yea it scatters your market and it pulls the rug from under your feet so your in new uncharted waters.
    but thats the best part about the industry, trying something new, going where you have never gone before!
    not only technically wise but also gives a perfect opportunity to take a few risks and do things different on a gameplay / genre side.
    really concerns me though about how were going to go next gen, because it really looks like developers have lost their passion and interest in their job!
    they should be saying oh i cant wait till next gen systems come out, finally ill be able to challenge myself!
    not oh god i wish they would never come out its going to make things so much harder!
    separates the men from the boys as the saying goes.