Thursday, January 29, 2015
David Cage: Games Industry In Desperate Need Of New Ideas

David Cage: Games Industry In Desperate Need Of New Ideas

“I wish more people would be allowed to take risks.”

David Cage has had it with a majority of games looking identical, because he believes there are audiences out there searching for different experiences and publishers are making a mistake by limiting their talent to only the tried and true.

“The thing is about the industry, there are many games that look the same today,” Cage told IGN. “If you go on the show floor at E3, you’ll see many games about aliens, about monsters, about shooting. Sometimes you’ll even think they have the same art director because they look the same. And that’s fine, there’s a market for that.

But at the same time I wish there were more options for gamers. I think it’s a mistake to limit ourselves to a certain audience, when we could reach everybody. Not everybody’s interested in shooting.”

Cage says the industry’s in dire need for new ideas:

“I wish more people would be allowed to take risks, and try new things and new ideas,” he continued, “because new ideas are what this industry desperately needs. I mean, how many shooters can you make?”

David Cage has prided himself in taking risks from the get-go. Every single game he and his team at Quantic Dream have worked on came from left field, becoming instant hits. The most recent title being Heavy Rain, the PS3 exclusive that’s sold more than 2 million units worldwide. The latest, one we believe will be equally successful dubbed Beyond: Two Souls, will be released in 2013 exclusively on PS3.

“The second you forget you are sitting on a couch with a controller in your hands watching television, the second you forget about that, means we succeeded in creating this experience,” Cage believes. “You just need to forget where you are, and this is a program moving pixels on the screen, you need to see characters and situations on the screen. That’s the biggest challenge.”

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  • nick

    hes right we are in desperate need of new ideas, and publishers rely far too much on the playing it safe!
    BUT they only do that because people have proven thats what they want.
    every single time we get weekly sales results which ones are in the top 3?
    the ones about aliens, monsters and shooting with the same art director.”?
    or the games that are different?
    exactly, the ones that are the same!
    unfortunately we have no one to blame but ourselves!
    as the saying goes reap what you sew.
    you made the bed, so now you have to sleep in it!
    if it was heavy rain that was still coming in the top 10 every week instead of COD, than maybe, just maybe this would change!
    but thats never going to happen…………

  • Ernice Gilbert

    He’s right indeed. I hear EA talking about bringing new IPs because relying on sequels isn’t safe… You would think these guys would know this for years… but they’re now coming around the knowledge of it…

  • nick

    there not just now coming around to it, they have released by far the most new IPs this gen!
    dantes inferno, dead space, kingdoms, the godfather, crysis, overstrike to name a few.