Games Revenue To Hit $70 Billion By 2017, Finds Study, PC Being Biggest Contributor


According to a new study from market research firm DFC Intelligence, games revenue across consoles, PC mobile and social will grow from its current level of $52 Billion to $72 Billion by the year 2017 with PC leading the way.

The report cites growth in the casual space, however the core games segment (males between the ages of 12 to 30 years old), is where exponential growth will be seen.

“Digital distribution, already widely accepted among core gamers globally, is clearly broadening access to products and driving much of the industry growth,” said DFC Intelligence CEO David Cole, who also expects digital to make up 66% ($46.2 billion) of revenues by 2017.

“The bottom line, is core gamers spend money on products they like and right now the game offerings on sites like Facebook are simply not appealing to that demographics,” he added.

In order to compile its data, DFC Intelligence gathered numbers from Xfire, Live Gamer, and GamerDNA over the last five years.

During its study, the firm found out titles played on PC made up the largest percentage in revenue with 39%, with games like Diablo III, Minecraft, and League of Legends leading the way, although said titles had little to zero presence at traditional retail outlets.

DFC expects consoles to contribute 36% ($25.2 billion) and mobiles titles to contribute 25% ($17.5 billion) by 2017.

The full report’s over at Gamasutra.

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4 Comments on "Games Revenue To Hit $70 Billion By 2017, Finds Study, PC Being Biggest Contributor"

  1. nick June 11, 2012 at 6:42 am -

    MMO subscription fees no doubt.
    thats another problem with sales figures currently, they dont contain digital figures which is where a large chunk of the market, especially on PC is found.
    i mean releasing PC sales figures is pointless because every single PC game released 80% of its sales will be on steam!
    ill never be able to understand why though.
    i mean you have to waste a large portion of your download usage, put up with everyone else in the house complaining because your using all the bandwidth so everyone elses net is slow, and you have to pay more!
    skyrim for example EB which lets be honest is hardly the cheapest store out there has it on sale for 38 bucks!
    oh just a mere 90!
    yeah, as i said ill never understand why so many use it.
    i mean surely that many people cant be that lazy!
    driving down to the local store is that difficult is it?
    or maybe the old stereotype of gamers being allergic to the sun like vampires is actually true………..

  2. Ernice Gilbert June 11, 2012 at 6:47 am -

    I guess it’s cheaper elsewhere on Steam. I know AU has a reputation for being pretty darn expensive, no?

  3. nick June 11, 2012 at 11:40 am -

    but you would think there would be some consistency.
    ive emailed steam many times pointing them to retailers pricing and they always say there constantly adjusting their prices to be in line with retailers.
    bull shit!
    skyrims been out for 8 months now and they have not dropped its price one cent!

  4. nick June 11, 2012 at 11:42 am -

    BTW dude anyone looking for a really scary interactive experience really need to look at the SCP series.
    SCP-087-B is my favourite simply because of the fog making it so hard to see, its really suspenseful!
    further you get down the stairs the more instances you get.

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