Heavenly Sword 2 Was Under Development But Sony Cancelled It


A CV belonging to an ex-Sony employee shows that Sony was once working on Heavenly Sword 2, but the firm eventually cancelled the project.

Work had commenced in 2008 but has since been cancelled.

Also, ex-Studio Cambridge staffer Martin Binfield has revealed some cancelled projects on his CV, including Getaway 3, a PS3 sci-fi title and more.

Video Thirst: showreel

That’s some really sad news.

Thanks, AGB.

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One Comment on "Heavenly Sword 2 Was Under Development But Sony Cancelled It"

  1. nick April 24, 2012 at 6:50 am -

    i swear to god every decision $ony could make to kill themselves they have done this gen!
    especially 8 days and the getaway 3, those 2 games looked uncharted 2 good!
    but remember they were due out THREE YEARS EARLIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    imagine how much of a impact they would of had!
    uncharted 2 had everyone shitting bricks, imagine what impact these would of had if they were as good as they looked, and released 3 years earlier!
    i swear to god that has to be THE WORST decision $ony has EVER made!
    if i was kaz id be running around like a headless chook scrummaging up every last team member of team soho to get back to working on those 2 games!
    dont care what i have to cancel to get it done, hell cancel the money hole that is the last guardian!
    i mean seriously imagine how much money $ony would of sunk into it!
    and to be honest its such a niche game it probably will struggle to hit 2M lifetime sales!!!!!!!!!
    8 days and the getaway 3 especially would of shattered sales records!
    would of made uncharted 3 look like enslaved!

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