Saturday, August 30, 2014
A New Call Of Duty Game Will Be Revealed On May 1st

A New Call Of Duty Game Will Be Revealed On May 1st

We’re shocked! A new Call of Duty game will be announced on May 1st, according to the franchise’s official website. It’s no surprise, but is the new logo design pointing towards what many gamers have been asking for? Is Call of Duty finally getting some kind of upgrade?

The rumors are saying it’s Black Ops 2, but Activision might have had different plans all along, plans we’ll finally get to know more about on the aforesaid date.

But here’s what I’ve always said, Activision has been waiting long years to upgrade the Call of Duty engine, and I don’t believe the firm’s taken so long to do this because it doesn’t care about the franchise, on the contrary, Call of Duty IS Activision. Say what you please, but Activision has some of the most business savvy people workking on its IPs everyday. So much so that every other publisher wants to follow the firm’s lead. Take EA or example, the owner of Battlefield and countless other IPs, the company’s blatantly admitted that Activision’s strategy is working, and that they may follow what the competition has successfully done.

I believe Activision has been working on a new engine and new upgrades for Call of Duty for a very long time, but has been waiting on the new consoles, or waiting to know their specs before forging it. I’m not sure if the new Call of Duty will be the game to boast all the changes but if not this time around, it’ll definitely be next year. Either ways, I’m betting on the COD franchise over any other.

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  • linglingjr

    Really? Your shocked? Lol that they’re releasing the same crap again? There’s a zero percent chance I’m buying this.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    The “shocked” part was sarcasm, Lingling O_O

  • narwall14

    you know you will buy it when all your friends have it so you won’t feel left out -_-

  • Ghost250

    sorry my game purchases are not dictated by what my friends have.

  • MaXfReZa

    It’s necessary for me to get games like these because our team host tournaments, but if Black Ops 2 doesn’t have interactive maps (more than a gattling gun), destructible environments, and an animated sky (cause MW3 sky is static) I probably won’t invest that much time into it because the game will be recycled and I’m tired of that. MW3 barely got by on a pass because Infinity Ward fell apart as a company and lost most all of their core members. Treyarch’s Black Ops 2 will not get the same benefit and had better make innovations above and beyond Black Ops 1 and MW3.

  • nick

    im intriged to see where the story goes simply because BO had such a unique story.
    that is assuming this is a BO sequel of course.
    but besides that im not expecting much, COD has always been a cut and paste repetitive game so i expect nothing to change.
    not till the sheep take their blindfolds off and stop following the press off the cliff!
    ie stop bitching about it, and stop buying the game!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    I’m ready for this. I’m hoping for some change, of course – but I loved Black Ops.