Thursday, September 11, 2014
Quenchables: PS3 Does Not Need A Price Cut – Analyst

Quenchables: PS3 Does Not Need A Price Cut – Analyst

Jesse Divnich is an analyst at EEDAR who’s countering other analysts call for Sony to slash the price of PS3, stating that sales of the console “has been consistent and in-line”, and that its install base continues to see rapid growth and has surpassed Xbox 360 on a global level. Divnich also said gamers shouldn’t read too much into the GameStop sale, calling it only temporary.

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  • Ghost250

    personally i don’t think it needs a price cut but c’mon slash another 50 bucks off, $149.99 for a ps3? you honestly can’t beat that deal. that’s like basically giving the hardware away

  • Ernice Gilbert

    It’s now $294 regular. If they slash it it’d get to $199. That’s the sweet spot.

  • narwall14

    well it is $259 if it was cut to 199 more xbox zombies would buy it

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  • nick

    it does not need a price drop!
    especially considering doing so would be canabalizing the vita market so $ony would only be double hurting themselves.
    they finally have started making a profit on each unit sold, price drop would mean there now loosing money, AND they have so few titles releasing this year so they wont see much cash from that front, AND its going to canabalize vitas sales.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    The PS Vita point is a good one.

  • nick

    hows it a good one?
    here its TWICE the price of the 3DS!
    hows a 3G vita worth 100 bucks more then a ps3 plus 2 free games of your choice, plus 2 controllers, plus play TV, plus a HDMI cable, plus a bluray remote?
    theres a reason why its been selling so poorly!
    lack of games are only part of the problem…….