Friday, September 12, 2014
Brink Sold Over 2.5 million Copies Worldwide – Splash Damage

Brink Sold Over 2.5 million Copies Worldwide – Splash Damage

Splash Damage has announced that its shooter title dubbed Brink has sold a respectable amount of copies globally, breaking the 2.5 million units barrier.

That’s according to the firm’s CEO Paul Wedgewood speaking to Gamasutra in a recent interview. He said Brink raked in $120-140 million in revenue, however since another company published the game, Splash Damage didn’t collect all the monies.

This is something the firm hopes to counter with its new digital-publishing arm dubbed WarChest.

“As an independent video game developer, we don’t earn that kind of revenue, as we’re not the publisher of the title… but we could see there was the potential to serve our fans content directly, and while we don’t want to take anything away from what Splash Damage does, we wanted a vehicle that we can dedicate exclusively to that pursuit,” Wedgewood said.

Wedgewood didn’t mention that soon after release, Brink was sold for dirt cheap at retail, hence the outcome of high sales. However moving 2.5 million copies of a brand new IP is an impressive accomplishment, and we salute them.

More through the Gama link.

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  • nick

    shocked how well it did considering it was, well, not exactly the best game released at the time!
    in fact it was pretty repetitive, boring and seriously bugy to say the least!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    They sold if for cheap, that’s why.

  • nick

    every game goes cheap after a while.
    hell, ME3 is going for 50 bucks!
    hasent even been out a month yet and its already dropped more then 50%

  • foxton

    50 bucks?! whats that AUS or US dollars? about £30? thats nothing its going for £20 already over here. If 50 bucks is more than a 50% drop you are getting seriously shafted for what you pay on computer games!!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    LOL! Nick’s getting raped in AU for games…. That place is just so darn expensive.

  • nick

    sadly yes, yes we are.
    ME3 launched at 120 AUD!
    which is about 125 USD, and 77 pounds.

  • nick

    most games launch at 110 – 120 depends on how highly anticipated they are.
    mind you there the standard editions, most limited editions start at 150 and go onto well past 300!