Saturday, August 30, 2014
It’s Not God Of War IV, It’s Heavenly Sword 2

It’s Not God Of War IV, It’s Heavenly Sword 2

New information that’s popping up all over gaming’s web is pointing towards Sony’s Thursday reveal being Heavenly Sword 2, and not God of War 4. Also, the game could be for PS Vita and not PS3. Details inside

Games Thirst user Ghost250 brought to my attention in the comments section of this post that the box of Heavenly Sword has written on the back “Beyond Revenge, Lies Redemption”, and when I did a search I realized the same topic’s been trending on twitter since Sony made the tease last week.

Games website The Vault has up an image showing the back of the first games box which we’ve placed below. The site believes the announcement won’t be the might Kratos as we’ve all been rumoring, but instead the game Ninja Theory started.

It also might be a title for PS Vita as its most likely being developed by Sony Santa Monica and that dev’s been laboring away on its next massive title, God of War IV. A Heavenly Sword game for PS Vita would be reasonable, but then again, you never know. Stay tuned.

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  • Ghost250

    this might be the game that makes me buy a ps vita

  • benzo

    Either game, either system, Im on it like white on rice, in a glass of milk, on a paper plate in a snowstorm!

  • nick

    i really hope it is for the ps3 and not for the vita.
    or both even better!
    the original was such a ambitious title the cant do the series justice on the vita!