Friday, August 29, 2014
Thirsty Conversations: Do You Believe PSN On PS4 Will Be Free?

Thirsty Conversations: Do You Believe PSN On PS4 Will Be Free?

Microsoft has been making way more money on its online service, Xbox Live, than Sony has been with PSN, and that’s because of one main reason: paid subscription. Yes, you must pay-to-play on Xbox Live, whereas on PSN gaming is free.

Here’s the question to start the conversation: do you believe Sony will demand that all gamers pay-to-play games on PSN when PS4 comes about? And if it does, will you mind?

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  • linglingjr

    Oooooh that’s Avery good question.. psn being free was a big selling point for me when I bought my ps3, I do think there will be a free option with the ps3 but I’m sure there’ll be something like PS plus as well.

  • Ghost250

    tbh if sony can make a service that is just as good or even better than xbox live then i have no problem paying.

  • nick

    totally depends on what the competition offers.
    problem is PC gamings free and always will be, valve are never going to charge for steam!
    so if $ony do charge for it then allot of people will go elsewhere.
    not to mention nintys online service for the wiiu is suppose to be free.
    id be in there best interests not to, have a paid subscription obviously for something, offer some perks.
    but to be as what XBLA is now, pay or get stuffed, they wont survive.
    for 1 simple reason, next gen there will be allot more services available.
    and $ony cant make a service as good as M$!
    X game chat for instance, still waiting $ony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    as the saying goes you get what you pay for, and XBLA will always be better then what $ony offers so it would be suicide to start charging what M$ charges for!

  • foxton

    you have to think that with the amounf of money Sony are losing that they will charge for it :(

  • Ghost250

    @nick true, true we don’t even know what the competition is offering.

  • nick

    i dont think they can afford to.
    as i said above the service they offer will never be as good as the competition so charging for it would be suicide!
    its like Suzuki charging the same price as Ferrari.
    we all know how thats going to end………

  • Joshua Tompkins

    I have had the xbox since launch and the ps3 for almost three years and within that time, I have found that xbox live is not that much better than psn. The only big difference is the stupid cross game chat, and while it is a great feature, it is not a big deal. Also, Sony has already explained a few times why there will be no cross game chat on ps3, but will be on future consoles. Look at vita, it has it. I think Sony should do a level system. I think the basic level should allow you to watch netflix, hulu plus and play online for free. The next level will add things and so on. I think that would be the best decision because you could draw in people with the fact that you do not have to pay to play online, but if you want these other cool features, you need to pay. If MS sticks to their plan of always charging you to play online, Sony will have the upper hand by offering free online play, but if you want the cool other stuff you have to pay. So you are at least given a choice.

  • foxton

    I think you could be onto something Josh,
    Xbox released first didnt they so they werent to no that ps3 would offer free online gaming. With xbox users now knowing this, there is a potential for a hell of a lot of the xbox 360 users switchng to Sony for next gen if it was gonna be free to play. Potentially tens of millions of extra customers! They could then charge for more enhanced services, similar to playstation plus but better. I think that is the way they should go.

  • nick

    no way 10s of millions of gamers are going to switch to PSN.
    too slow, too unreliable, and more matinance downtime then a 20 year old alfa!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Nick: Foxton’s talking about if PSN on PS4 is a much better service than it is now on PS3….