Saturday, August 30, 2014
Lightbox Wants Starhawk To Stand Out From The Shooter Crowd

Lightbox Wants Starhawk To Stand Out From The Shooter Crowd

Most shooters generally follow the same path, but according to Dylan Jobe, president of Lightbox Interactive, Starhawk will be different as it’ll include twists not experienced before.

“The shooter genre is packed with mega-juggernaut great games, but shooters are also due for a twist,” said Jobe on the US PS Blog. “In most single-player shooters, you play a linear experience: event, event, event, set piece, event, event, event, set piece.

With Starhawk, we wanted to give the player a combat challenge: Here’s what’s going to attack you, here’s when it’s going to attack you, and here are the tools you can use. Now play it however you want.”

The Starhawk beta has been happening for a while now, and the feedback from fans have been more positive than not. It’ll be out in May on PS3.

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  • benzo

    If the SP is as good as Warhawk’s MP…WOW!!! Already paid off and waiting for me!

  • Ghost250

    i might get this i stilll don’t know yet. the game is looking pretty decent.

  • nick

    dam straight we are!
    id love to see these guys do a story driven game, they really have some really cool ideas going around.
    i really enjoyed the starhawk beta, its just a shame the campaign is so god dam short!