Friday, September 5, 2014
Splash Damage To Unveil New Game Next Thursday

Splash Damage To Unveil New Game Next Thursday

Splash Damage has sent viral an awareness campaign to unveil its next game to be revealed on Thursday, November 29th.

According to the site, the reveal will happen approximately ’11.29 11:29′, however no one knows for sure what will be announced.

Maybe Brink 2? But that game wasn’t the recipient of favorable reviews, with a console metascore of 7.2/10.

Yet you never know, it could be something brand new. What do you guys think? Would you get excited if Brink 2 was announced next Thursday? Share your thoughts.

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  • Ghost250

    brink 2? no thanks

  • narwall14

    brink 2? could be a good game if they work on it more

  • nick

    hmmmm, this could be interesting.
    id love to see a new IP with the same elements and ideas of brink.
    it was actually a really good idea had some good concepts in it, it just does not suit a MP environment.
    think the gameplay mechanics of brink in the hostile environment and man eating plants of bulletstorm!
    now that would be SWEET!
    or even a open world game like just cause but with the parkour free running system of brink.
    think of it, teams of enemies racing across rooftops firing rocket launchers at each other

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