Saturday, August 30, 2014
Seems As If God Of War 4 Will Be Unveiled Next Month

Seems As If God Of War 4 Will Be Unveiled Next Month

Traditionally, God of War has always seen a March reveal, and it seems as if Sony Santa Monica would like to continue that tradition as more and more hints point towards a next month reveal for the god-killing hero.

The latest comes from mo-cap animator David Thornfield’s linkedin profile who works at the House Of Moves, which shows he’s been working on “high Quality animations using Motion Builder editing motion capture data for both in-game and cinematic animation’ for God of War 4, the next Medal of Honor and WWE 13 since November 2011.”

Here’s picture-proof:

Sony had already leaked the game’s existence, so it’s only a matter of time until the firm reveals Kratos’ next big adventure.

Thanks, VGArabia.

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  • nick

    after the atrocity of GOW 3 i honestly dont care any more!
    $ony SM are so heffed up in bringing amazing graphics and over the top gore they forgot what made the series so great.
    and they will make the same mistake on this.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Ha, that’s you – but I’m ready for another GOW!

  • nick

    pulse has announced theres a new uncharted game too.
    got a comp on for uncharted 3 and the winner gets to appear in the next uncharted game.