Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Quenchables: Amazon Says 3G PS Vita Cancelled, Sony Says Not True

Quenchables: Amazon Says 3G PS Vita Cancelled, Sony Says Not True

“It’s not true. We’ll look into this now and ask our team to connect with Amazon.” – Sony speaking to IGN as the firm tries to clarify an erroneous message from Amazon concerning the 3G model of PS Vita. Why the mix up, you ask? Probably because the 3G version has seen lackluster sales in Japan, but who knows…

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  • Ghost250

    tbh theres really no need for a 3G version, just dont see i being well received in the U.S.

  • rpatricky

    @Ghost250 – Especially since they paired with AT&T for the 3G!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Agreed with you guys, I def won’t be getting the 3G version of Vita.

  • nick

    comes in handy, but its far too expensive!
    exactly like the vita actually.
    far too expensive, and far too many restrictions on it.
    i remember when i first got my iphone 4 i was in the city one day and i had to check ebay because i was selling something.
    sat on there for about a hour, 3 weeks later i get a phone bill for 800 bucks!
    70 of that was my plan, the rest was for the 60 minutes i spent on ebay!
    i rang up and said hey WTF, im getting 2GBs per month in my plan why am i getting charged?
    oh ebays not included in your plan thats why.
    so im paying for 2GBs per month but i can only use that 2GBs on websites optus approve?
    fudge that!
    3G and vita go hand in hand, both ridiculously overpriced, far too restricted, and seriously out dated!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    A price cut is incoming, I’m sure.