Saturday, May 18, 2013
Battlefield 3 Patch 1.03: Here’s What Gamers Want

Battlefield 3 Patch 1.03: Here’s What Gamers Want

The latest Battlefield 3 update recently released by DICE was one of the biggest we’ve seen for a new game, but that’s because the developer’s pledged to keep maintaining the game for years. However if you’re fan of the franchise and find yourself playing Battlefield 3′s mp a lot, you’ll notice, just like others have, more bugs and glitches trying to spoil your experience.

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Here are some of the fixes gamers are calling for:

1 – You’re taking cover, yet bullets hit you to your death. And we’re not talking destructible cover here, we’re talking solid hiding positions- yet you get killed! Here’s what DICE Senior Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz said concerning the issue: “aware of some desync issues between client and server yes.” At least they’re aware, and so we’re hoping steps are being taken to rectify this.

2 – Ever getting ready to go into battle and suddenly you spawn on top of a Jet? Yeah, it’s happened to many. Here’s what DICE Gameplay Designer, Gustav Halling said on the matter: “I hope you know its a bug otherwise I’m scared ;) just kidding but its a bug of course =) Hopefully fixed in next big patch.”

3 – Sometimes you simply can’t deploy into a game. You try, but nothing happens. This needs to be fixed.’

4 – On big maps, especially when you’re playing conquest, there are not enough vehicles in certain locations to keep you moving, instead you find yourself running for long periods of time only to get mowed down by, what, a bullet? I dunno.

5 – That annoying voice chat problem…On PS3

These are just some of the fixes gamers are asking for from Battlefield 3 patch 1.03, so we hope DICE are listening. They usually do.

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  • ttbounty

    Problems 3 + 4 took me off the game

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yep, very annoying issues there. I particularly don’t like the lack of vehicles situation…especially most team mates don’t stop to give you a lift.

  • smoge

    yh not a good feeling when the someone drives past in the last vehicle, dice could give you like a 20 point pickup bonus, or something to make team mates more eager to stop.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    That’s a very good idea, Smoge. I’m sure people would be picking mates up all the time for that extra 20 points!

  • nick

    first problem has been there since the beta!
    they really need to increase the recoil too, its really annoying especially in closed maps enemies come around the corner spraying and you die instantly!
    normally if your firing a HMG full pelt your not going to be accurate as a freaking sniper!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Good points, Nick. They really need to do something because for many, including our very own ttbounty, it’s game breaker!

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