Thursday, March 28, 2013

Uncharted 3′s Campaign Length Revealed

Nothing makes me angrier than a game I can beat in a mere few hours. Considering how expensive games are nowadays, it’s a slap to the face to make a game that lasts less than 5 hours at bare minimum. That being said, the Uncharted series has always delivered with length and it looks like Uncharted 3 isn’t going to be much different.

According to GameRadar’s Nathan Irving’s Twitter (that’s a mouthful), he stated that having just finished the game that the single player campaign is “about eight to nine hours of solid play.” Not only this, but he also added that “some of the set-pieces in it are jaw-dropping. You bought that PS3 yet?.”

In some of his other tweets he has stated also that Uncharted 3 is worth the wait and that everything is much bigger and better in this sequel. Now keep in mind, this is just the single player played straight through, he didn’t mention the added value of the multiplayer.

Day one buy for me, that’s a guarantee.


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  1. Ah Yes! CANNOT WAIT For this!

  2. just trying to think of a reasonable excuse to get november off………

  3. 9 hours?? That is not much. Uncharted gamer are the kind you can’t put down so you will blow through this in no time. Still gonna be good.

  4. Just say Uncharted 3 is coming out..the pure epicness of that fact alone should be more than enough to persuade the boss man

  5. LOL!
    i wish!
    he actually hates gaming because hes constantly going off at his kids because they would be up till 5 in the morning playing them if he did not constantly check on them.
    so yea, if i tried that, well, i wont be here talking to ya any more.

  6. Smack a bitch and tell him that this is bigger than him =D

  7. I’m doing nothing on November 1st. Nothing!

  8. LOL!
    ok, though if you dont hear from me for a while you know what happened.

  9. it’s for a good cause

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