Unreal Tournament 3 – Is It Worth It?

Unreal Tournament games have never seen the same success on consoles when compared to their PC counterparts. Is this because the fast paced deathmatch gameplay simply didn’t appeal to console gamers or are these console ports simply no good? Find out if the most recent Unreal Tournament game is worth picking up on consoles in this weeks “Is It Worth It”.

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One Comment on "Unreal Tournament 3 – Is It Worth It?"

  1. nick October 6, 2011 at 3:24 am -

    absofreakingloutley it is!
    and yes that is a word.
    one of my most favourite games this gen!
    better part, its the only ps3 game that lets you use a keyboard and mouse, AND it has mod support!
    mod support on consoles FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thats one thing $ony REALLY need to push more!
    one of the very few advantages they have over M$, they would never allow mods on XBLA.
    so $ony really need to take advantage of that and really try support the developers, instead of just pretending like it does not exist.
    thats one thing i dont get about $ony.
    the things they and only they do they stay quiet about.
    but the things that everyone can do, 3D for example they scream it to the top of the hills!
    i thought you were suppose to promote your strengths, not your weaknesses……

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