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Rumor Water: Resident Evil 6 To Be Revealed At TGS

by Ernice Gilbert on July 25th, 2011, under Capcom, Hot, Rumor, TGS 2011

Resident Evil 6 will see a Tokyo Game Show 2011 unveiling, if an image spotted at Comic Con over the weekend at a private Capcom event is to be believed.

According to the gamer who took the picture and posted it on HellDecent forums, he took the picture while attending a behind closed doors press event in San Diego, at Comic Con. He said no pictures were allowed, but he went ahead and took one anyway.

Capcom hasn’t responded to this rumor, but at E3, the firm told RelyOnHorror that it’d be taking Resident Evil back to its roots for the sixth sequel, so hopefully there’s some truth to this rumor – it’s looking to be real.


  1. Tue, 26th Jul 2011 at 6:56 am

    whats the point of revealing a reveal?
    eh, whatever.
    hopefully what crapcom says is true, hopefully they will be taking this back to its survival roots, and not make another RE5!
    RE is suppose to be a survival horror game, not a action shooter!
    if i wanted a action zombie shooter id go buy L4D2, everyone buys RE for its survival horror, thats what its famous for, thats what it was created for, so thats what it should stay as!

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