Tuesday, September 9, 2014

TGS 2011

PS Vita Memory Card Pricing Revealed, They’re Not Cheap

Sony’s PS Vita held TGS on lockdown in that it was the biggest star of the show. Going on sale on December 17th in Japan, countless games were unveiled and lots of features were demonstrated. In fact we all were impressed with what Sony has managed to accomplish with the handheld, but like in everything else, there must be a ... Read More »

PS Vita Games Box Art Revealed

At Sony’s TGS presser it was all about Vita, PS Vita to be exact as we’ve come to learn Sony’s going to the lengths of Pluto to make sure the portable console dominate its targeted market. And the firm’s doing quite a job. We now know many things about the handheld, but how about the case in which the games ... Read More »

Wii U Already Old News: Use Your PS Vita As A PS3 Controller

Remember this past E3 when Nintendo showed off what the Wii U brought to the table? Of course you can, the main tech was showing how the new touchpad controller could double as a gaming device itself. Well that’s already old news, as Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida demonstrated how easy it was for him to play games on PS3 using nothing ... Read More »