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Modern Warfare 3 Gets Official Reveal On May 20th

We’ve read the details, we’ve witnessed the teasers and now, on May 20th, Activision’s readying the world premier of the biggest game in the world, Modern Warfare 3.

Gamestop is the industry’s biggest retailer, therefore it’s understandable that it’d have insider information that no other outlet could boast of. If you’re a PowerUp Rewards member and have checked your mail, this should be old news as members of the program received an e-mail that gives them the “tactical advantage” because “the rest of the world won’t find out until Friday, May 20.”

It’s not an official announcement but rather a pre-order incentive: if you so choose to pre-oder the game, you’ll receive a GameStop exclusive, two-sided poster “packed with valuable game info.”

So expect a massive reveal soon, and it’ll definitely be the biggest game on the year. Just get used to it.


  1. Wed, 18th May 2011 at 4:30 am

    na na na na.
    na na na na.
    hey hey hey goodbye!

  2. Wed, 18th May 2011 at 5:40 am

    Ha. LOL! You’re funny. :)

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