Reload: Killzone 3 MP Packed With Gamers In Wake Of PSN’s Return

One of PS3′s biggest games with a robust online multiplayer is Killzone 3, and there’s no doubt in my mind the game was severely missed during the PSN downtime. But if for some reason you harbor doubt, look for yourself at the game’s multiplayer now, and you’ll be amazed.

Play any mode and you’ll be pleasantly pleased to find lots of gamers having at it. Whether it’s Operations, Warzone or Guerrilla Warfare, the battle has commenced in Killzone 3.

Gaming is back online on PSN, and those of us who also have Xbox Live wouldn’t feel any different today because we’ve been gaming, but for those with only PSN, it feels like Christmas, I imagine.

The service is now being turned on in various parts of the world in what Sony promise will be a “phased” return of the network, so if your area hasn’t gone live just yet, sit tight, it’s coming.

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  • ExclusivesMostly

    This is awesome. MP is where it’s at, man!!!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    I played a few rounds earlier. Was great.

  • nick

    gotta wait till tomorrow morning apparently EU PSN will be up by then.
    no word on when the store will be up though.
    come on, i can hear the pink unicorn calling me!
    ok…….. maybe its tile to lay off the coffee.

  • Ernice Gilbert


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