Friday, August 29, 2014

And The Top Selling PS3 Exclusive Game In Japan For 2010 Is….

Come on, you’ve got Gran Turismo 5, Yakuza 4 and much more. My $50 is down. Ready to Play? I’m going with Yakuza 4.

Geimin served up the numbers, and brought to light by Siliconera, revealing that Yakuza 4 was the best selling PS3 exclusive title in Japan for 2010. Yep. I won.

That did not make it the best selling game, however, as the top 10 is dominated by DS, PSP and Wii titles, with Monster Hunter Portable 3rd taking the top spot selling 3,849,907, with Pokémon Black and White following closely. Yakuza 4 sits at number 16.

Gran Turismo 5 came right after Yakuza 4 holding the 17th slot, selling 563,378 copies .

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  • nick

    thats a shock, GT normally makes a killer in JP!
    probably a result of all the disappointed fans, and ridiculously long development time!
    GT5 was a massive disappointment!
    spending 6 years waiting for something, you expect perfection but it was not even close!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    GT6 sooner rather than later….

  • nick

    i wish we could have the features and customization of shift 2 with the precision and abundance of GT5.
    the amount of race types, cars, tracks, melded into the customization features of shift 2, the damage system, the camera system, the commentator.
    GT 5 feels outdated to me, theres so many features games added years ago that it does not have.
    it may be the most precise sim out there, besides iracing obviously, but its lacking allot of features games have had for years!