Monday, December 22, 2014

Video Thirst: New RAGE Trailer Is Why We Love id Software

Below the break you’ll find a RAGE trailer that’s nothing short of amazing. Beautiful visuals, great gameplay and a world so unique you’ll never feel like you’re playing COD, Killzone, Battlefield etc.

Hit the link.

Video Thirst: RAGE Against The Enemy

They’re big bad and ugly. But what the heck?! You have skills and are fully equipped. Destroy these cursed beast to the lowest parts of hell. RAGE lead into they’re contaminated flesh like hail on Sodom and Gomorrah. Kill their descendants like bastard children, and terrorize their neighborhoods like wild dogs scattered amongst a throng of innocent children.

Quench it, courtesy Game Trailers:

It’s out in September for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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  • Dean Kent

    WOW a truly impressive game engine with superb ligting and textures……..BUT i think its fair to assume this is running on a very powerfull PC,
    now i know that later this year games will be released on consoles with the next generation of game game engines(frostbite2,ids engine etc.) so untill we get a good look at these engines in motion on the current generation of consoles im holding my gasps and awe…

    that being said Bethesda should tottaly commision that engine for there next fallout game

  • nick

    oh i so cant freaking wait for this game!
    they just announced a special addition too.
    shame its nothing special, i wish more publishers would give us really cool LEs like what EA did with crysis 2!
    nano edition is by far the best collectors edition i have ever seen!
    just the detail put into the backpack, and figurine is breathtaking!