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Another Crysis 2 MP Demo Hitting PC And Xbox 360 On March 1st

by Ernice Gilbert on February 25th, 2011, under Crytek, EA, Hot, News

EA’s today announced yet another Crysis 2 multiplayer demo will land on Xbox 360 and PC March 1st, adding a PS3 version will be announced soon.

The new demo includes two maps: “Skyline” and “Pier 17″, as well as two modes: “Team Instant Action” and “Crash Site”. Over 1.7 million people downloaded the first demo on Xbox Live last month, and EA’s looking to add to that number as it prepares Crysis 2 for a March 22nd launch in the U.S., and on the 25th of the same month in Europe.

As for the game itself, the mp will include six gameplay modes: Instant Action, Team Instant Action, Crash Site, Capture the Relay, Extraction and Assault, set across 12 maps. Players will advance through a progression system of 50 levels, earning a variety of upgrades along the way for weapons and the Nanosuit.

PS3 footage of the game was only released yesterday.


  1. Sat, 26th Feb 2011 at 2:53 am

    might give this a try depending how big it is.
    SOCOM 4 betas going to be out in march so i need to save some bandwidth for that.
    looks like the DNF demo might be out late march too, hope so dying to play the dam thing!!!!!!!

  2. Sat, 26th Feb 2011 at 6:51 am

    Yeah, I got the SOCOM beta code with my KZ3 purchase. I”ll definitely delve in.

  3. Sat, 26th Feb 2011 at 9:57 am

    will be interesting to see how different this is to MAG.
    i hope you have more squad control this time, thats the whole point of socom its always been more of a operation flash point game.
    really enjoyed the latest one dragon rising, only problem was the weapon restrictions.
    they force you to fight from a distance, but then give you a LMG.
    how the %$#@ am i suppose to snipe with a LMG?

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