Monday, September 8, 2014

Xbox 360 Outdid PS3 By 88% In U.S. For The Holidays

Kinect is proving to be mighty successful for Microsoft. Not only did the peripheral sold 8.8 million units in 60 days, it’s also directly affecting Xbox 360 sales, helping the console leave Sony’s PS3 in its dust last December, with sales up 88 percent over the PS3.

We now know that 1.21 million units of the PS3 were sold during December, and while that’s outstanding, it’s still a decline of 11 percent compared to last year, especially when placed in comaprison to the Xbox 360′s 42 percent leap.

A new year’s begun, but looking back at November and December of 2010, the two most important months of the year for the industry, we see that the Xbox 360 added a mammoth 3.27 million in the U.S., while the PS3 only managed 1.74 million.

Do the math and you’ll find this represents an 88 percent difference between the two, numbers that must have been hard to swallow for giant. All this and Sony didn’t even release Move sales numbers.

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  • nick

    guess why?
    because sony cant get it through their thick head that you have to spend money to make money!!!!!
    thats one thing i hate about sony this gen there so freaking tight a$$!
    why do you think FFXIII, GTAIV, all the pre ps3 exclusives went MP?
    because M$ offered them the buck and sony did not counter offer.
    why do you think M$ get all the exclusive DLC?
    not to mention i see 1000 xbox 360 ads to every 1 ps3 add i see!
    come on sony, stop being so god dam tight and buy some content, and advertise for crying out loud!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    That’s true. But I guess you could look at it this way: If Microsoft’s spend half a billion advertising, and Sony spends, say, $100 million, obviously more people would know more about MS’s product and that would increase sales, but you also have to realize that Microsoft has to make 4 times the amount Sony spent just to cover its advertising cost. Then whatever else it makes from there is profit.

  • nick

    obviously, but allot of people dont even know about allot of ps3 games.
    most people dont surf the web looking at upcoming games, they buy what they see in stores or what they see on TV.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    True. That’s a very good point too.