Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cliff Bleszinski: “I Still Don’t Like [The PS3's Controller]“

Remember the quote from noted game designer Cliff Bleszinski that sent the internet up in smoke some time back? Yeah, he said “I hate the f(&*%*&^ [PS3] controller“? Yeah. Well things haven’t changed much since that time. In fact, Cliff says he needs gamers to know his honest opinion every time, and that he haven’t gone “corporate”.

“You know, I’ve been quoted saying I don’t like the PlayStation 3 controller, and I still don’t like it,” he told EGM in a recent interview.

“I need gamers to know I’m going to give them my honest opinion, that I haven’t gone corporate.

They look to me, I believe, in certain instances to give a good valued opinion on pop culture, games, and the industry in general.”

I, for one, love the PS3′s controller more than any other. But that’s just me. You?

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  • Ghost250

    if cliffy b doesn’t like the ps3 controller, then he can just simply buy a third party controller that looks like an xbox one, simple as that. i love the ps3 controller, and i hate the xbox controller IMO

  • Sole Survivor

    Yeah…. The PS3 controller’s very comfortable…

  • Ernice Gilbert

    What Sole and Ghost said.

  • Joshua Tompkins

    I like the controller for everything, but racing games. I did not like it to begin with, but the more I played with it the more I liked it. The thumbsticks are more responsive than the xbox, and that is a big deal for me since I love to snipe a lot, and there are a few other things I like, but I will not say all of them.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yep, I’m a sniping King myself.

  • linglingjr

    i love the ps3 controller compared to the xbox360s i lovve it

  • nick

    i hate the DS3!
    its such a akward shape, use the 360 controller for say a week than switch back and watch your hand crap.
    that happened to me allot, took me a good 6 months to get use to it.
    i only used my 360 controller for a good 6 months when i had my 360, but than got rid of it and had to put up with the DS3 and every time i picked it up the muscles in my hand would tighten up so much it felt like my hand was going to turn to dust!
    than the sticks are not concave so my fingers keep slipping off them.
    than theres the triggers which suck in comparison to the 360s.
    the only thing better about the DS3 is the D pad thats about it.
    o, and you cant use 3rd party controllers remember?
    sony released a FW that blocks the use of not all but most of them.
    i had one of the mad catz which looks like a 360 controller, does not work ever since that FW update.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    “o, and you cant use 3rd party controllers remember?”

    That was a bad day.

  • ExclusivesMostly

    I actually love the DS3 controller but yeah the L2 & R2 buttons need work.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    They do, but I have no gripes with the controller.

  • os1019

    It feels good to be back I miss my GT Clan. You have to love OG Game Designer Cliffy B for keeping it real. LOL This probably boils down to taste and nothing else like people who like to drive stick shift vs automatic or my favorite Mac vs PC boring… I cannot call it after all I am a fan the original monster claw X-box controller that my sister used to fend off intruder one day. LOL!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    “I cannot call it after all I am a fan the original monster claw X-box controller that my sister used to fend off intruder one day. LOL!”

    LOL. I guess you can’t bite the hands that saved you? Welcome back home!

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