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Mafia II Looks Inferior On PS3, 2K Games Responds

by Ernice Gilbert on August 17th, 2010, under 2K Games, Breaking News, Hot

Long gone are the days when PS3 versions of games looked inferior. For the most part, multiplatform titles look identical of both consoles (PS3 and 360), and sometimes they even look better on Sony’s system.

But reports started surfacing a few days ago concerning 2K Games title, Mafia II. Various sources are claiming both the PC and 360 versions look better in terms of clarity and ambient effects, and such. The developer took notice, and over at its forums, a PR spokesperson responded.

When designing Mafia II, we optimized for each of the three different systems the game would run on to make sure the core experience was the best it could be. Because of this, there are some differences from one platform to the next. In terms of the PS3 version, I wanted to clarify a couple points you have been asking about: There will not be highly detailed grass or large pools of blood, the cloth movement is less noticeable than, for example, the PC version, and the visual fidelity in the demo is generally representative of what you’ll see in the full game.

Our aim is to make a cohesive and immersive experience and optimize the game for each platform so that it could run its best. And while there are some differences between each version, I’m sure you’ll find that the core gameplay and the heart of Mafia II remains no matter whether you play on PS3, 360, or PC.

The PR explanation is good enough. But someone needs to explain this to me: How can the PS3 be more capable than the Xbox 360 in terms of raw power, yet the “optimized” version of a multiplatform game come up lacking in so many areas?

Could it be that Mafia II was originally designed with the PC in mind, and since the Xbox 360 is basically a PC, then being ported to said platform was a breeze, but when it came to bringing it over to the PS3, problems occurred? It’s a reasonable point to consider, I think.


  1. Tue, 17th Aug 2010 at 9:31 am

    Sounds to me like conformation that the PS3 version is inferior. I played the demo and I wasn’t really all that impressed by it so I wasn’t gonna get this anyways. Still, they should do better.

  2. Tue, 17th Aug 2010 at 9:45 am

    They should have done better indeed. They can now rest assured that sales (PS3) will be poor.

  3. Wed, 18th Aug 2010 at 4:29 am

    optimized my ass!
    its because these lazy devs cant be bothered learning the ps3s architecture properly!
    theres a reason why every 2K game looks like crap on the ps3 compared to the 360 versions!
    need i say more?
    fine, 2K you cant be stuffed optimizing your games properly than i cant be stuffed buying them!

  4. Wed, 18th Aug 2010 at 6:29 am


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