David Cage To Devs: “Can We Talk About Serious Things?”

It must be a good day for David Cage where ever he is right now. I reckon, whatever might be going wrong is nothing compared to the joy of seeing his ground breaking, $20 million risk-taking game, Heavy Rain find success around the world. Must be extremely fulfilling.

It’s given him a boldness (although he never lacked in said department) to tell it like it is. For example the man really don’t care what the media says, or as he puts it what the “tabloids” say, after all Heavy Rain was not created for them, Cage says, but speaking to PlayStation: The Official Magazine his words this time were directed to another bunch, his colleagues in the industry.

Cage thinks the industry needs to stop telling stories about “big heroes with big muscles” in exchange for something more serious.

“Honestly you can’t tell what impact you’re going to have on other people’s work,” Cage said. “But I think the main message is that any story can be told with interactivity – the same way that any story can be told in a cinema or in literature.

“I mean, you can talk about serious matters, you can have people with drug addictions, suffering insomnia because of a trauma in the past, you can have the father losing his son… Personally I would expect the industry to stop telling stories about big heroes with big muscles saving the world or heroes facing hordes of zombies.

Cage added: “I mean, okay, yeah, we can do that – now can we talk about more serious things?”

The man has a good point, developers really should start venturing into stories, and create interaction that would cause players to really enthrall themselves in the experience. And it’s not to say we don’t have games that are interactive to he point of evoking emotions, but those, like David Cage said, that bring to life a story like movies and literature can, those we need more of.

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