Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Valve: Don’t Believe The US Press, PC Gaming Is Alive And Well

PC gaming, according to many has been dwindling since consoles started taking over. Take over? What take over? Not when 260 million PCs were shipped last in 2007, and only the American market counted as viable by the US press. Valve speaks out.

In an interview with Good Game that slipped under the radar, Valve’s business manager, Jason Holtman, said all the talk about PC gaming dieing because of some super-game console comes from “North America press looking at North American reports”.

“And North America retail reports don’t have Europe in them, and they don’t have online PCs on them, they don’t have micro-transactions PCs in it. Steam has 20 million users right now and you’ve got figures like the Cartner Group tells us there’s 260 million online PC gamers in the world – and there’s 250 million PCs shipped in 2007; that’s a huge installment,” he said.

To be quite honest, that’s a lot of PC gamers.

The full interview can be found below, quench your thirst.

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  • nick

    its valve of course there going to say that!
    what he is forgetting is back in the day people played games on PCs because PCs could do what consoles cant.
    PC games were leaps and bounds above consoles.
    look what PC offered in 2006 with crysis, nothing compared to that till uncharted 2 in 2009 and not even that matches it.
    sadly crysis is the best the PC has to offer.
    well until metro 2033 comes out but im doubtful that will match crysis.

    look at consoles every single year there are 1 title if not several raising the bar for whats possible on consoles.
    PC also had that every year till 2006 with crysis than 2007,2008,2009, up until now crisis a 3 and a quarter year old game is the best PC has to offer.

    i can see where hes coming from, PC gaming is NOT dead in sales sense because well look at the PC sales of L4D and such.
    but in a purpose sense its dead in the water, till developers stop being tight a$$e$ and start making games FOR the PC THAN port them to consoles.
    not for consoles than port to PC.
    its bad enough ps3 games being held back by the 360, now PC games have to?

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yeah, these guys mostly think about their bottom line Nick.

    If they save the most money by porting from consoles to PC, then that’s what they’ll do.

    Valve seems to be an exception however, it seems these guys really care about their customers.

    nick Reply:

    yeah its understandable why they do it but they complain that people pirate their games, than treat the PC community like they do.
    AC2 for example with their DRM you put up a wall and people are going to go out of their way to tear it down, thats just human nature.

    plus is it really saving them that much money?
    im sure its safe to say if developers made games for PC than ported to consoles how ever much extra it cost them to do so they will make that back.
    PC games are cheaper too so thats another thing developers could use to their advantage.

    look at metro 2033 that was made for PC than ported to consoles, it has absolutely outrageous recommendations, not even my 4K PC will play it on highest settings.
    and there not exactly the worlds largest development studio so it cant cost that much extra.

    Ernice Gilbert Reply:

    I agree Nick. So you high end 4K PC won’t be able to run Metro? That’s just ridiculous..

  • nick

    it will but not at full in 3D because you need at least a 275GTX and i have a 9800GTX.
    plus if you want to really get the most out of metro 2033 you need a DX11 card ATI has them out now for roughly 500 bucks, nvidias are not out till late march at price TBA.
    but rumors say 700 bucks for the 470 and 900 for the 480.
    insane, no?
    700 bucks for a video card, you need to be either nuts or bill gates to afford that.

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