Friday, August 29, 2014

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Action Figures Reveal New Halo 4 Enemy Types


McFarlane Toys has created a number of action figures based on the Halo universe, but its latest series may have jumped the gun. A scan from the back of a Halo 4 figure package reveals two new enemy types. All Games Beta posted the image, which reveals the other characters in the Halo 4 Series 1 line. Under the “Coming ... Read More »

Final Transition for Halo Services

Final Transition for Halo Services

According to, Bungie, the creators of the Science Fiction hit Halo, have begun final transition to 343 Industries Via Halo Waypoint. Here is the offical statement from Last summer, Bungie and 343 Industries began a transition process for Halo data. On March 31st, 2012 that transition process will be complete, all live Halo data will be managed by ... Read More »

Bungie Apple – What Does It Mean?

Bungie Apple

Yes you read the title correctly. Since it’s split with Microsoft the gaming world has been in speculation about what the future of the now legendary developer Bungie would be. In April 2010 Bungie announced it was signing a 10 publishing agreement with Activision Blizzard to bring new IP’s to multiple platforms. Bungie however just uploaded a short video to ... Read More »

Top 10 – Games For A Tenner

Times have been tough since the recession, meaning that saving money is more important than ever. Video games remain brilliant value for money when you compare prise to entertainment hours but with this winters lineup looking to be one of the most jam packed yet, we got to start saving early this year. This doesn’t mean that we can’t have ... Read More »

Halo: Reach Championship – Game 5, Tiki Myr Vs boombangboom56

Last week we saw Tiki Myr becoming our first winning champion but can he continue his dominate run this week. With every win that Tiki Myr gets under his belt making his chances of winning the final championship match that bit easier, he is in no rush to leave the championship now. This week Tiki Myr faced an opponent with ... Read More »

Top 5 – Video Game Enemies

Enemies make shooters what they. While guns are equally essential, without targets to shoot there would be no point. Well duh. But that doesn’t mean thats games need fill their levels to the brim with bullet sponges. While most games seem to stick rigidly to the pop in and out of cover mechanic, some developers have been starting to get ... Read More »

Video Thirst: Top 5 Game Theme Tunes

Game soundtracks are added for a variety of different reasons, to add tension, to get stuck in the players head, to enhance the gameplay, to add drama or even to make you laugh. But what a game theme tune is, has changed dramatically over the years. From the catchy bleeps of the 80′s, to dramatic full orchestral epics that accompany ... Read More »

Happy Birthday, Xbox 360

The Xbox 360′s now officially five years old. Say yay if you still own the launch box. Where are the hands? Come on, guys, at least one of your must still own the original Xbox 360 released back in 2005….. Anyway, it’s the system’s birthday, and we celebrate. Read More »