Monday, September 15, 2014
Master Chief Won’t Be In Every Halo Game Moving Forward

Master Chief Won’t Be In Every Halo Game Moving Forward

Master Chief made a triumphant return in Halo 4 after taking a hiatus from Halo: Reach, however 343 Industry is making it clear that the chief won’t be in every Halo game moving forward.

Speaking to Polygon, 343′s Kiki Wolfkill said they’d like to look elsewhere for inspiration when it comes to Halo games moving forward, and that everything don’t have to be built around the chief.

He’s always going to be a pretty critical component of Halo and the game experiences. I would hope that we could also build strength and investment in other characters, for no other reason than that’s part of what makes the universe interesting.

Master Chief’s not going away, but we need to be able to give people more connection points.

She added:

How we look at it is ‘Where do we want to be in ten years? What are the stories we want to tell?’

We have started to flesh out broad strokes of a few different arcs that are interesting. There could be opportunities where exploring a different game genre makes sense or exploring a different linear format makes sense. If the medium fits what we want to do, then we’ll definitely consider it. If there’s a great idea we get energized around [it].

Microsoft is expected to tease a new Halo title during its Xbox Meeting happening, rumors claim, in April, on the 26th to be exact.

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  • nick

    thats a good thing.
    having multiple characters just makes it easier with timelines and fitting events in.
    plus it gives them the opportunity to create a new icon!
    bungie created the chief, lets see who 343 creates!