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Fear Mongering: “They” Are Trying To Turn You Away From PSN

by Ernice Gilbert on May 6th, 2011, under Article, Hot, PS3, PSN, Sony

Sony has been rattled as of recent. The company saw its most precious network suffer a devastating attack over two weeks ago by hackers hellbent on destroying its reputation, and a few days past we learned they also attacked Sony’s Online Portal. Simply put, the recent attacks have done massive damage to the company, and its employees are working around the clock to bring the aforementioned services back online.

Well just when we receive word that PSN is in its final testing stages, and service should resume anytime now, CNET’s ran a rumor claiming another hacker group is planning a third wave of attacks against the firm – but do you know why? It’s “in retaliation for [Sony's] handling of the PlayStation Network breach”. This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, and to add even more suspicion, CNET, a site that’s been openly negative towards all things Sony, gave no source.

Something’s not adding up.