Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Satoru Iwata has pledged to deliver “Nintendo-like” profits


By the end of fiscal year March 30, 2014, Satoru Iwata has pledged to deliver “Nintendo-like” profits, as is evident in a report uncovered by Nintendo Life. Nintendo struggled with the Wii U, but strong Wii and 3DS sales keep driving it forward. The financial report is available for downloading, and we’re posting excerpts of it for you: “Since the ... Read More »

Wii achieves 100 million sales milestone


210.000 units sold in the past quarter of 2013 were enough to push the Wii’s lifetime sales to the point of 100.04 million units, making the console reach an impressive part in its history. Software sales for the platform stand at 87.273 million units. The Big N predicts two million more Wii sales in the year ending March 31, 2014, ... Read More »

Wii U DOA?

wii U_

Wii U has been a slump lately, and Nintendo’s been trying to save the day by giving away free dev kits. But even with its latest efforts, Games Thirst’s Tim Ceaser reckons that it’s too late for the console, and although it won’t flop like the Virtual Boy, Wii U won’t be the blockbuster hit is predecessor was. Read More »