Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Nintendo posts jaw-dropping statistics, makes you forget of bad Wii U sales

Nintendo posts jaw-dropping statistics, makes you forget of bad Wii U sales

With Nintendo’s 2013 annual report, we forgot about Wii U’s disappointing sales. Oh boy, did we forget about it.

The company has sold 269m home consoles since Famicom’s release in 1983. Yes, two hundred and sixty nine millions. In case it seemed small.

Handhelds, you say? 385m of them. Three hundred and eighty five million handheld consoles, since the release of Game Boy in 1989. Damn, it almost needs a whole article line of its own to support that number.

Statistically, every US citizen could have more than 1 Nintendo console, handheld or not, if these figures were US-only. Now does it seem huge?

2.2 billion home system games have been sold since Nintendo launched the Famicom, and 1.9 billion portable games since it launched the Game Boy. Do the math — no, I’M doing it for you. 4.1 billion games in 30 years. Four billion — forget it, you get the picture.

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata promised “Nintendo-like” profits yesterday; is this what he meant?

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  • Me1

    Sony has sold well over 300 million consoles since 1994, more than a decade shorter and Ps4 is coming soon.

  • Me1

    Home consoles that is, Nintendo still wins handheld.

  • Crash Ōkami

    That is true, although Nintendo is the one who saved gaming, and would evolve it further had the deal with Sony about the Playstation didn’t break. I think Nintendo’s earliest sales of millions (like NES, SNES etc) have more value in the industry than the millions of Playstations sold (note that my preference chain goes Playstation -> Nintendo -> Xbox).