Sunday, August 17, 2014
The Wind Waker HD changes for the fans

The Wind Waker HD changes for the fans

Nintendo details how an infamously tedious quest gets overhauled.

If you played The Wind Waker back in the GameCube era, chances are, you hated its late-game “Triforce Shard” hunting quest. It’s been called a poorly-paced, anti-climactic, repetitive fetch quest a lot. Nintendo listened, and delivers.

In the original game, the quest was split in three parts. You first had to locate eight Triforce Charts, and pay Tingle 398 Rupees to translate each chart. Then, you would acquire a map, which would be used in finding a shard each and use Salvage Arm to reach down on the seafloor for it and bring it to the surface.

in The Wind Waker HD, though, you’re not going through a torture again. Instead of eight shards requiring a translated chart, only three do, with the remaining five shards being obtainable by default.

Another change Nintendo is making is to the sailing system, for which players criticized the big amount of time spent on aimless drifting on the seas, much more with the inclusion of the aforementioned fetch quest which required a lot of sailing.

“Swift Sail” will be introduced in The Wind Waker HD, significantly reducing the amount of time required on your boat.

Nintendo isn’t shy about making changes in remakes; Ocarina of Time 3D had one of the most notoriously difficult dungeons in gaming history, the Water Temple, altered to be more easily explorable. If anything, this shows Nintendo loves its fans, and wants the best thing for them.

Are you picking up The Wind Waker HD? We should remind you it’s coming out on October 8th in Europe and October 4th in North America, with the digital eShop version being up for grabs on September 20th. Meanwhile, a  price cut and a The Wind Waker HD bundle were revealed.

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