Saturday, January 31, 2015


Amazon launches digital-download service for PC and Mac

amazon has just launched a digital download service for PC and Mac games. The Game Download Store includes high-profile titles like Tomb Raider and Assassin’s Creed, alongside smaller, digital-only releases like The Cave. The catalog also includes numerous DLC pieces, like Battlefield 3’s expansions. Free-to-play games are available too, with the ability to pay for in-game items.Non-gaming software, like Microsoft ... Read More »

Devolver Digital and Their Mystery Code.


Devolver Digital, the people behind the amazing “Hotline Miami” tweeted this mysterious code late last night. LSSRUTB UYO SEEL LNLS ERED LEH — Hotline Miami (@HotlineMiami) May 6, 2013 At the time of this writing the code has not been cracked. Several online communities (such as Reddit) have been trying to crack this mystery, but to no avail. Hotline Miami will see a Playstation ... Read More »

The Binding of Isaac Surpasses 2 Million In Sales

the binding of isaac rebirth

The Binding of Isaac has now passed the two million sales mark, the game’s creator Edmund McMillen has made known. Divulged In an interview with Northernlion posted on YouTube, McMillen said the title’s success helped convince him to create The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, which comes with an expansion and two-player co-op. It’s out on PC, Vita, and PS3 later this year. Xbox ... Read More »

Spring Sun Bundle from Indie Royale Now Live

The Spring Sun Bundle from Indie Royale is now live, and contains five games: Knytt Underground, The Real Texas, Monday Night Combat, Satazius and Gentrieve 2. The bundle starts at $3.99 and purchasers will receive the original soundtracks to The Real Texas and Gentrieve 2 as well as Adventures in Pixels, the chip tune album/comic hybrid from Ben Landis if ... Read More »