Mirror’s Edge 2 Listed For Xbox One, No Mention Of PS4

Mirror’s Edge 2 Listed For Xbox One, No Mention Of PS4

We know Mirror’s Edge 2 is coming, but will it be available on all next generation consoles, or has Microsoft struck a deal with EA that would see the game only being released on Xbox One? Signs are pointing towards to the latter.

Despite being listed on various Amazon sites in recent times, the latest being Amazon.de, PS4 has never been mentioned, instead what we see is the box art of Xbox One, with the game’s title prominently featured on the cover. Check it out for yourself immediately below:




So should this be cause for concern? And should be an Xbox One exclusive, would you buy the console just to play it? Share your thoughts.

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  • TheBatmanKnight

    And nothing of value was lost.

  • Ghost250

    honestly mirrors edge gave me motion sickness playing it so microsoft can keep that crap. more than likely it’ll go multiplatform after a year or two. its EA were talking about here. they’re greedy assholes. as for the xbox one?????? it’s garbage.

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