Friday, September 12, 2014
DualShock 4 Hands On: Gamers Should Be Excited For PS4

DualShock 4 Hands On: Gamers Should Be Excited For PS4

GameInformer went hands on with DualShock 4, and the magazine’s conclusion tells gamers to be excited about Sony’s latest console. Find details on the hands on experience below the break.

- Some components are still being refined (like the d-pad and overall weight)

- Deadzone on the analog sticks has been greatly reduced.

- Both sticks feature stiffer resistance.

- Thumbs bumping into each other is no longer an issue, the analog sticks are spaced farther apart.

- Analog sticks have a ridged concave top that prevent your thumbs from slipping off.

- Stuck with symmetrical design because the assymetrical design would cause more dificulties to interact with the touchpad without unintentionally bumping into the left stick.

- Touchpad is multi-touch, replaces start and select buttons.

- Ridge at the end of the triggers grasps at your fingers instead of letting them slide off.

- There is a small speaker above the ps button, below the touchpad.

- Lightbar works in conjunction with the ps4 eye to track your position and adjusts the split screen accordingly.

- Controller felt comfortable and sturdy.

- Got input from Bungie (and a bunch of first party studios) for designing the DS4, Bungie really wanted to make it a controller that worked great for fps games.

- Writer of the article says the controller is a big reason for gamers to be excited for the console.

PS4 will launch late 2013.

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  • Wolf1888

    I had a hard time accepting the new controller when it was first announced, but now I’m starting to really like it, even though I never had it in my hands. Just all the features seems awesome.

    I hope de battery in this one is as good as the one in Dualshock3. Those batteries are incredibly good, they last really long and take no time to recharge. I still have my first controller that I bought back when the PS3 came out, and it’s still in excellent shape. It just does not vibrate, but whatever.
    So yea, I hope the battery is still just as awesome as the one we currently have, because we do not hear a lot of thing about it.

  • ernicegilbert

    PS3s are amazingly durable, man. And yeah, the controllers have amazing battery life. Like you, here’s to hoping DualShock 4 betters 3.