Saturday, July 20, 2013
Both Sony And Microsoft Are Embracing Free-To-Play Model

Both Sony And Microsoft Are Embracing Free-To-Play Model

Epic Games VP Mark Rein revealed that both Sony and Microsoft will be going the free-to-play way with their next generation consoles.

Speaking at the Game Horizon conference today, Rein said:

The next-gen consoles are going to be fully embracing the free-to-play and these IAP-type business models. So in case you don’t know that I’m putting that out there. Sony and Microsoft are both going heavily in that area.

When pressed on the matter, with Sony and Microsoft giving little examples of how they’ve embraced the model, Rein added:

Well, I’m telling you. I’m telling you what they’re telling developers.

I guess we’ll learn more at E3. Thanks JoyStiq.

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  • Wolf1888

    Am I the only one that does not like the Free-to-Play model? I prefer buying my game as a whole, and having everything included in it. Free-to-Play games tend to end up more like Pay-to-Win, or at least, Pay-to-Have-An-Adventage, which I totally hate.

  • ernicegilbert

    Free-to-play is more like fee-to-play. I don’t like that model at all. Not one bit. It’s a nickel and dime scheme to rape gamers monies out of their pockets.

  • Ghost250

    nope i also HATE free-to-play. just a way to screw consumers, out of a full game.

  • ernicegilbert

    Indeed. Never fancied the model.

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