Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Waiting For Next-Gen

Waiting For Next-Gen

I’ve been a gamer all my life, and although the amount of time I put into sessions weekly has waned, I’ll be a gamer until I die. Yes, old and grey won’t be able to quench my passion, because when something’s in your blood, nothing can kill it but death itself. So in my 80s, 90s and over the century – if I live that long (haha) I’ll be gaming hard.

I said all this to make a point: I’m super-excited about next-gen! I’m excited for the new ways of play that will be enabled through the new machines. I know Killzone: Shadow Fall looks exactly like what we’d expect, with prettier visuals and a more open world, but nonetheless I’m looking forward to getting my hands on that game so bad that I wish the time would speed up!


Games like Destiny has me intrigued! The Order: 1886 looks amazing! And even if we have no idea what Naughty Dog and Sony Santa Monica are working on, judging by their past works, you know they’ll be awesome. Yet that’s not all Sony has to offer, and I don’t believe we’ve scratched the surface of the awesomeness next-gen will bring, and that’s without mentioning titles like The Division from Ubisoft, Watch Dogs, again from Ubisoft, and other daring next-gen third-party efforts.

But you say, ‘Ernice, what of Microsoft and Xbox One?’ Well, there are some great titles coming to that system as well. The most outstanding is Respawn Entertainment’s Xbox One timed-exclusive Titanfall. It won the most awards at E3 and the prestigious Game of Show award, too. The demo shown at the event looked amazing, and it’s from the makers of Call of Duty and Modern Warfare. Expect nothing less than excellence.


Then there’s second-party efforts like Ryse from Crytek, Quantum Leap from Remedy, and Killer Instinct, a Rare IP being helmed at Double Helix. So Microsoft got some great offerings, too. I’m not buying that box, however, at least not until Microsoft decides to make Kinect a peripheral that I don’t need to purchase to play games on Xbox One, because like I’ve said elsewhere many times, I just can’t live in a house with a device that’s constantly watching and listening to my every move. Worse, it was revealed that MS has been giving the NSA and CIA people’s personal data, and I don’t know about you, but that to me is just scary.


Anyway, I’m pumped for the eighth generation of gaming – are you?

What games are you most excited for and looking forward to? You realize I didn’t mention Call of Duty: Ghosts or Battlefield 4 – these games we’ll be awesome I’m sure, and I’m getting both, but they’re current-gen titles looking to successfully transcend into the next, and I only mentioned Killzone: Shadow Fall because I’m a huge fan.

November is most likely when the new consoles will launch, and November, I reckon, cannot come fast enough.

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  • Crash Ōkami

    Shadow Fall is a true next-gen title, although I agree on the Battlefield and Call of Duty comment.

    THE next-gen title for me though? Not Destiny, not inFamous, not Titanfall, not even Metal Gear Solid V, which I absolutely love. It’s The Division. God it shows so much potential, it’s astonishing. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  • ernicegilbert

    Dude The Division is boss. You’re on the money! Cannot wait for it. It’s a persistent world, always changing and evolving and requires team work, but my God it looks next-gen!

  • Wolf1888

    I agree with both of you! Man, I can’t wait for The Division! I can’t say it’s the title I’m looking the most forward, as that spot belongs to MGSV, but it’s pretty darn close!