Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Quantic Dream: PS4 Is “Like The PC Of Next Year Or Two”

Quantic Dream: PS4 Is “Like The PC Of Next Year Or Two”

Another reason some PC gamers need to take a chill pill, know what I mean?

I mean forum commenters could rage all day if they want, but people like Quantic Dream co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere, who has been in this business for quite some time, know what they’re talking about. He says the PS4 is like a PC that will be released in the next year or two, a statement that’s bound to send PC enthusiasts up in arms.

It was in an interview with Gamespot that Fondaumiere spoke these words:

We are already seeing in the first (PS4 tests) that we’re doing a big difference.

There are limitations on the PlayStation 3 and there will be limitations on PlayStation 4. With the PlayStation 4, it’s something that really is more like the PC of next year or two years.

What do you guys think? Right, wrong? Share your thoughts.

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