Friday, July 4, 2014
Battlefield 4, Modern Warfare 4 To Be PlayStation Omni Launch Titles, 4K Technology Hinted

Battlefield 4, Modern Warfare 4 To Be PlayStation Omni Launch Titles, 4K Technology Hinted

Rumors have been swirling around the internet for months about the next PlayStation being called PlayStastion Omni, but at Sony’s CES press conference last night, the firm, in a stealthy manner, all but confirmed the name to be true. Back to that in a bit, but first, we now know that Modern Warfare 4 and Battlefield 4 will be PS Omni launch titles.

Don’t worry, said games will come to the next Xbox, too, with a recent rumor from the source who broke the “Omni” news claiming Activision  has two teams working on Modern Warfare 4, with Infinity Ward making the Omni/Nextbox version launch titles using (or similar tech to) Unreal Engine 4, and  Treyarch working on Wii U/360/PS3/Ouya editions.

So Modern Warfare 4 will also be available on Ouya, albeit a strip down offering.

Sony’s CES press conference was also dominated by 4K technology, with the firm’s worldwide boss Kax Hirai calling the technology “now”, and not “future”, all while unveiling several Sony TVs hitting market this year that boasts the technology. In light of this, I’d be surprised if the next PlayStation does not include 4K tech, as Sony looks to be the leading player in the space.

Video Thirst: Sony Shows, Talks About Its 4K TVs


All this tells me is that even while Sony paid an expensive price for making the PlayStation 3 Blu-ray-ready, the firm isn’t willing to make PS Omni just another PlayStation console, but just like PlayStation systems of the past, will use the machine to blaze new technology. For PS2 it was DVD, for PS3 it was Blu-ray, for PlayStation Omni, it’s ostensibly 4K.

Now to Sony’s confirmation of the next PlayStation being dubbed PlayStation Omni. At CES 2013, just last night, Sony unveiled its new line of Xperia Play phones, calling the latest Xperia Z and Xperia ZL. But what really caught people’s attention was when Sony announced that it’d be calling the phone design, which most seems to love, wait for it… “Omni Balance“. Stealthily, I believe, the firm’s just gave its biggest hint as to what the next PlayStation will be called in light of the recent rumors claiming Sony had named the machine PlayStation Omni.

Exciting times ahead.

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  • nick

    when was it ever called omni?
    its always been called orbis, even the SCE dev page listed orbis.
    i cant see the ps4 supporting 4K.
    first off its FAR too expensive, 25 freaking grand expensive!
    secondly VERY few games run in 1080P, so were going to jump from 720P to 4K are we?
    and thirdly, $ony is not going to spend all the money required for the compatibility for the 5 people who will be able to take advantage of it.
    DVD, bluray, were different.
    they required 1000 dollar investment, not twenty five grand!
    not to mention 4K movies are over 160GBs!
    thats FOUR dual layer disks!
    and games always take up far more room than movies, and compression rates can only go so far.

    oh not to mention $onys strong obsession with DD.
    no way in hell people are going to start downloading 200GB games!
    not going to happen!